[Little while with my aunt] She thought me looking uncommonly well and in unusually good spirits (and so in fact I felt) on the occasion of my [decision] (as I told her last night) giving up Miss Walker. Laughed – I felt as pleased that it was over as I had when it began – thought whatever is, is right.

[Mrs Priestley and I] very good friends – she said inclination would have led her to turn with me again – had she been able either my telling her this day well had had a good effect on her – or she made up to me on Miss W-‘s account. Somehow speaking of her, Mrs P- said we were very thick – I had been there every day – it was a very good thing for her, Miss W-. I ought to influence her to patronise this or that – I said I did not know that I had any influence but if I had, she be careful not to push it too far. Yes, we were very good friends – I had not been every day – not Tuesday or Wednesday – but we could not hold on quite at our present. I should not go there today.

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