[Note from Miss W-] Her note begins, ‘how little did I imagine when we parted last night that I should so soon have had the pleasure of addressing you, my dear friend. Under other circumstances I should not have dared to take up my pen but the plea of soliciting your advice seems at least a tolerably fair excuse’ – then comes the subject of Collins – ending – ‘with my kind regards to Mr and Mrs Lister, believe me yours, very sincerely, Ann Walker’.

[Note to Miss W-] Began with, ‘your note, my love, surprises me but surprise is not the only, or uppermost, feeling which engrosses me – I leave you to imagine what I mean – for surely you already know me too well to be wrong in any surmise you may wish to make’ – then follows my advice about Collins and conclude with – ‘I am to thank you very much for the grapes with which your usual good judgement you have directed to my aunt. I am doubly flattered, doubly obliged – the cloak was of the greatest use to me last night – except among Alps and Pyrenees – I know not when I have been out in such a storm of rain and hurricane of wind, which last [night] was so strong against me that I was literally blown off the causeway five or six times. Forgive me if I can hardly return even your vexation about Collins – remember it is to him I owe your note and to him I owe this present unexpected pleasure of assuring you how much I am affectionately and very faithfully yours, A. Lister’. I wonder what she will think of this. I told her yesterday I thought her pretty – proof, said she, of how blind love is – told her how nice she looked in her evening gown for dinner on Thursday – she said she thought I rather looked at her. In fact, she will soon, I think, put me less and less in competition with Cliff Hill – if I can only manage her tolerably the first night.

Standing, musing about Miss Walker – whether I can at all satisfy her or not and how we shall get on together.

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