Wrote copy of letter asking Eugénie’s character.

Talked to Miss W- first of her business matters, and then quite as if we were really to gravel together – mentioned Mrs N[orcliffe] asking me to Bath – Miss W- looked with a long face on my talking of going – in fact, it is plain she likes me. She said what confidence she felt in and that she already felt attached to me – I talked of the continent a style of observation amusing and exciting – she lay down and I leaned over her kissing her as usual. After eight, more affectionate but, on gently putting my hand up her petticoats, she whispered ‘don’t’ – and I desisted. She said I did not know how she had suffered from it the other night – had not got the better of it yet – she was very tender there. I talked soothingly and affectionately – said how gentle I would be – expressed my anxiety for her health and she said she would go with me to York this month. She always sleeps with Catharine Rawson – goes to her – I joked and wanted her to come to me – no, not then, it would not do – it would be better when we went to York, to sleep at Tadcaster going and returning. Oh, oh, thought I, then we must get off – I must get my ordeal over and let her try me and see whether I can make her happy enough or not.

She has really seemed better, or more nicely conducted, tonight than of late and her affectionate manner did make me feel in love with her. I said I only wished she had but a third of what she had and no Cliff Hill and then we might have managed all without difficulty – oh, no, said she, the difficulty would have been far greater – I could not comprehend this – I will, perhaps, explain it, said she, by and by. I told her my uncle and aunt together had given me more than five hundred pounds one year and my uncle Joseph had once paid my debts – but if I had not been as I was, perhaps neither I nor Marian would have had the estate. Mentioned having Cordingley with me in Paris but did not say where we were – told some of the queer stories and said I had always been too great a pickle but was quite different now. She is more than half in love with me already?

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