Did not sleep very well.

I sat by her very affectionately – gave her her gruel at two – and afterwards at four, cut and put into her mouth one sandwich – nursed her very tenderly – the more so as she was suffering from having had me last night, felt sickish. Had pain in her back and felt great heat and soreness about her queer – her cousin comes irregularly – often suffers for a week before, thought it was perhaps coming. Never thought I should have made her suffer so much – would never let me do so again – I took all this very well, consoling and reassuring her as well as I could and being so kind that I saw she was moved by it – and we talked as if there was no chance of her eventually refusing me. In fact, we go on as if all was settled – I really feel in love with her and have no fear of being very happy with her. We settled to go to York on Monday, or rather, Mane headquarters at Tadcaster and have Doctor Belcombe come to us.

[Talking to my aunt] told her I really began to think Miss W- would give up Cliff Hill and come to me.

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