Very good friends – more than ever as if all was settled between us [settled to go to York on Monday, or rather, Tadcaster, then onto York and see Dr. Belcombe the next day – shop a little, sleep again at Tadcaster – and be back on Wednesday – I to go and sleep there on Sunday] – Consulted me about her concerns – brought out her rent roll – evidently more at ease with me than ever and more affectionate. She told me yesterday she had two five hundred a year and I should guess about one thousand at her own disposal.

Talked this morning more than ever as she really meant to say yes and take me – said nothing against my going tomorrow but asked me to breakfast. She said on Monday she was already much attached to me – and I really believe she is. Left her at the Cliff Hill home gate at one.

[Talking to my aunt] about Miss W-; said the more I saw of her the more I felt satisfied with her etc.

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