It must seem to them all as if I had the ordering of the thing and as if my influence was paramount. She said she should like the greenhouse as it was the first thing we had a common interest in – talked of Shibden and Cliff Hill – and exactly as if all was settled. She was now convinced I loved her – thought at first liked, but not loved – and mere liking was not enough – something more required for living together – she owned she loved me. I made strong love – and really felt it. She said she should not mind her cousin coming on while we were away – should not mind being ill if I was with her. I had right middle finger moderately and gently, she making no resistance – but say[ing] how kind and gentle I was with her – she lay on my arm on the sofa as usual. No objection to my going tomorrow – in fact, surely, she has no thought but of taking me.

[Talking to my aunt] of Miss W-; told of her present to her cousin Atkinson and that it would have been double, that is a thousand, but for me.

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